TransportConnector – Broker Starts


In this article we discuss what happens when we set a transport connector to a broker service and start the broker service.

        BrokerService broker = new BrokerService();
        broker.setTransportConnectorURIs(new String[]{"tcp://localhost:61616"});

A transport connector helps client to connect to a broker and communicate with it. There are many transport connectors available. Here we will base our discussion on Tcp scheme.

A serverSocket is created and continuously listens for a connection to be made to this socket.


TransportConnector - Broker Starts

When a client connects to a broker based on this connector, the server accepts it and a new socket is created.


TransportConnector - Broker Starts


The socket can be handled in the same thread or queued to be handled later in a separate thread.

Handling of socket deals with creating input/output streams. Server sends the broker info to the connected client.

TransportConnector - Broker Starts



A separate thread is created to read the input stream. The input stream read is converted into a command and consumed. After consuming the command, if  we have any response, it is dispatched synchronously in the same thread.
TransportConnector - Broker Starts



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